Printer Usage Monitor 4.0 Description (WPUM, Printer Usage Monitor for Windows 7/8) Current Version
(release date September 08, 2014)

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Printer Usage Monitor features list:

  • centralized auditing of print activity on a network;

  • built-in reporting tool: 53 reports provided, additional user reports can be added on fly; reports can be printed, exported or emailed;

  • Data Analyzer and Decision Cube. Lots of charts to run;

  • Export data to: XLS, DOC, RTF, HTML, CSV, TXT;

  • Schedule reports, database operations (optimize, etc); hourly | daily | weekly | monthly | yearly | at_startup events (reports, queryies, email-alerts on new users or printers, etc) can be scheduled;

  • watch certain printers and receive email notification when they are used;

  • run your own SQL statements and export data.

Take a look at WPUM (jpgs .... kb).

System Requirements:

Install Printer Usage Monitor on Windows 7/8 having latest service pack, than, depending on your printing volume from few hundred MB to several GB to store data.

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