Range Number of printers Price [EUR] ShareIt order links   Sources are available for sale separately of executable. Drop me an email to discuss the price.
A. 1 ......... 5 printers 100 Buy Now
B. 6 ........ 10 printers 200 Buy Now
C. 11 .....  50 printers 1000 Buy Now
D. 51 ..... 100 printers 2,500 Buy Now
E. 101 ... 500 printers 12,500 Buy Now
F. 501 .. 1000 printers 25,000 Buy Now
G. more than 1000 printers: first 1000 printers 25,000 and additional printers to be charged according with prices in range A-E.

Please read this BEFORE registering PUM:

The number of printers Printer Usage Monitor can monitor running on one PC, is limited by the hardware and the operating system that you're running. The better hardware you have P.U.M. will take advantage of it. Best performance has been observed under Windows 2000 operating system. Maximum supported number of printers per one instance of running PUM is 1000. To monitor more than 1000 printers, P.U.M. must be installed on additional computers and use a DBISAM database server (provided free of charge).

Since PUM works using printer notifications managed by the operating system itself, PUM's accuracy in reporting print jobs information is the same with the accuracy of the operating system, it can not have a higher accuracy than the operating system itself.

I strongly recommend to all those who are interested in P.U.M. to test it first.