Printer Usage Monitor 3.7 Description Current Version
(release date June 27, 2007)

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Printer Usage Monitor features list:

  • centralized auditing of print activity on a network of Windows NT/2000 servers (shared printers only);

  • built-in reporting tool: 43 reports provided, additional user reports can be added on fly; reports can be printed, exported or emailed;

  • Data Analyzer and Decision Cube. Lots of charts to run;

  • Export data to: XLS, DOC, RTF, HTML, CSV, TXT;

  • Schedule reports, database operations (optimize, etc); hourly|daily|weekly|monthly events (reports, queryies, email-alerts on new users or printers, etc) can be scheduled;

  • watch certain printers and receive email notification when they are used;

  • run your own SQL statements and export data;

  • archive database to improve reporting speed.

Take a look at PUM (jpgs 860kb).

Registered users, please read the file "Notes on upgrading PUM to version 3-7-24.doc", and "Notes on upgrading PUM to version 3-6-22.doc"  from the package, before running the upgrade, and contact me for any concerns you might have.

PUM changes history starting with build 495, here.

Version released on December 2, 2005.

System Requirements:

Install Printer Usage Monitor on Windows XP having latest service pack, at least: 1) if monitoring a couple of printers: 256MB system memory, at least 200 MB of available hard drive space; 2) if monitoring many printers: from 512MB RAM, from 500 MB available hard drive space.

Monitor Network Print Servers: Windows NT 4.0 - Windows 2000 - Windows XP - Windows 2003 - Windows Vista

The old Printer Usage Monitor development is frozen. However, I do have a WMI based version, using MSSQL database, which can run under Windows 7-8-10. If you are interested in source code or testing it, send me an email.