Build No. Release Date General Notes Detailed Update Notes June 27, 2007 Minor bug fixes *** Restart server command not working - fixed.
*** Deleting printers from server was a bit unfriendly
*** Internal - Changed compiler to Delphi 2007, upgraded VT, DBISAM October 22, 2006 Major upgrade. Implemented new memory manager. Service.

Memory leaks.

*** Major feature: Implemented faster memory manager.
*** Major feature: PUM can now run as a service. However, when it does run as a service, it must only be allowed to do so in the Local System Account and should be set as Interactive. While it is running as a service it will only monitor shared printers on the same computer.

* fixed a memory leak (aprox. ~140 bytes every time database thread was running)
* minor code changes to accommodate some third party component upgrades July 15, 2006 Minor changes broke few queries. Fixed AV in few queries. May 22, 2006 Bug fix. Fixed all broken queries using in-memory tables. Apr. 10, 2006 n/a n/a Feb. 20, 2006 Bug fix. New added feature "WebCheckVersion" which checks website for new PUM versions did not correctly on computers without an internet connection. Fixed in this build. Feb. 19, 2006
Minor changes.
* minor work on thread finalizing code. Jan. 16, 2006 Another major 3rd party update

Minor bug fix and minor features, report optimizations.
*** Major update, this time the new grid's code

* Fixed a filter bug in Report Selector when Cost was used
* Cube and Report Selector can now use the Print Activity filter in a similar fashion
* Users can now add new reports on fly: in Report Selector pressing <CTRL> when clicking "Run" button will open up a dialog where report parameters can be updated just before executing the report, or, the new report can be saved in the database, updating the current report or adding a new report
* Reports table has been restructured to allow users to enable/disable reports from the Report Selector. Just right click inside the reports tree on a report to disable it, or right click on empty area to bring back all hidden reports (or edit the new field "Enabled" of the table reports
* Added UsrClass and PrinterClass to the possible filters (Filter pane and Report Selector fields box)
* Execution speed of couple of reports was increased (Printer Summary, Printer Summary - Comparison, User Summary)
* Added a new report "Printer Class Summary"
* Removed redundant report "Printer Summary - Cost" (same data displayed by "Printer Summary")
* PUM can now check if a new version is available online. Also there is a menu for this action, under "Tools/Check Version". A system event is hardcoded for this action and also PUM checks the online version at startup. When checks are done automatically an entry is added to the log file in case there is a newer version online. The new configuration option "WebCheckVersion" can be set to TRUE/FALSE to enable/disable the automated feature. Jan. 3, 2006 Mostly a "paint" upgrade, but also introducing better filters handling in Print Activity and Cube. *** Major feature
Added bottom Filter Pane in the Print Activity tab. The new pane can be dragged out, docked back or closed. From the Tools menu "Show Filters", which is a toggle, the pane visibility can be switched on/off. The filters can be saved and loaded. The filter can be used when running Cube.

*** New feature requiring feedback on its feasability:
Added a QuantumGrid 4 grid to handle jobs. Also added a configuration option GridType (posible values are DB or DX) to switch between the regular grid and the new grid. The new grid has many advantages over the regular grid and it is recommended to be used when database is not big (say less than 50k records). For example groups can be created as simple as dragging a column and placing it in the grid grouping area (top of the grid). Soon I will implement a print preview for this grid and the corresponding printing feature. With this feature and the new filtering system I believe the reporting capability of PUM will increase, users having complete freedom over the print layout.

*** PUM global background bitmap work:
* Optimized background bitmap in all controls to reduce size of resurces.
* Added PUM background to all database dialogs, to the main grid and removed alternated color paint.
* Added PUM background to the Cube. Small flickering when moving vertical splitter (can not further optimize)

*** Reporting work:
* in Report Selector, same FieldName filters of type string will be OR-ed, any other filters will be AND-ed.
* in Reports, the filters line from report title has been increased to 2 lines and word-wrapping support has been added when needed.
* some fixes to the filter query resulting when Cost field was used in Selector.

*** Other stuff
* Gave up using of TreeView for jobs table (most users not aware of it anyway) Dec. 17, 2005 Minor bugs and continued to fix broken queryies * fixed various filtered queryies
* fixed report title for Lowest, TopMost, Comparison reports (shown in log using %d instead of the actual value)
* minor query progress fixes
* aborting Comparison report in analysis phase was not posible Dec. 15, 2005 Minor fixes, broken queryies resulting from dbisam upgrade * minor UI fixes to the progress form code, when using "Recost jobs" command
* decreased to 1 the number of printers from DEMO
* fixed the "Recost jobs" query Dec. 2, 2005 MAJOR UPGRADES * database - upgraded from dbisam 3 to dbisam 4
* compression - upgraded from ZLIB 1.1.2 to 1.2.3