Performance Graphic 2.0 Description Samples and shareware DCUs

Delphi 2007-Seattle

All Windows platforms


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Performance Graphic:

  • This component will display a graphic as Task Manager does. All you have to do is provide values "OnFeed" event. You can have as many graphics as you want, you can set grid size, colors, update speed.
    This component is used in some of the applications on this website: Threads (jpg 105KB), Printer Usage Monitor (jpg 860KB), EZ-News (jpg 138KB).

The application:

  • x86 - setup (0.7MB) 2014.09.07

  • x64 - setup (0.9MB) 2014.09.07

The sample app. will show you the Performance Graphic in action.

Have fun !


If you like Performance Graphic, register it to get full source code and then adapt it even more to suit your needs.


Both x86 and x64 are 32 bits exes. However, the x86 setup will install the 32 bits edition of the application, while the x64 setup will install the 64 bits edition.