RTF ruler - I wrote a simple ruler to use in rich-text apps like Wordpad, etc.

SQL Highlighter - I use my own SQL highlighter in my apps.

D.A.R.E. 2.0 - I maintain all my databases with only one tool, Database Analyzing&Reporting Engine. Browse DBs, open tables and views, add queries, create drill-down charts and pivot grids. Layout of work saved and restored automatically. Can access ADO, DBISAM, ElevateDB, Firebird, Interbase and Paradox.

CodeSafeWeb 3.0 - I wrote for fun a source-safe-kind application. It started with Elevate's DBISAM, than I switched it to ElevateDB, FireBird and finally MS SQL Server. Mostly it works like the MS VSS, over the internet (I'm keeping all my sources with it since January 2007). If you're interested in running it, drop me an email.

Numismatics anyone? I'm maintaining my collection with my own software:

Threads-kind software, Joomla is an application I wrote to monitor and maintain a classifieds ads database plus user searches.