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  • Folder Watcher: monitor folder changes (edit the ini file that comes in the zip file) See when a file is added, deleted or updated.
  • Bricks.
  • PingIt: small application to verify if IPs are online.
  • EZ Printer Setup: Small application to change printer settings. Makes full use of the EZ_Print 4.0 component.
 (205 kb)

  • EZ Touch (9x, NT, W2K): Similar  to well known "" shipped in all versions of Borland Pascal-Delphi,  this application  allows user  to input a date and time stamp and select directories and files to change date stamp (creation date, modified date, accessed date). Very useful when preparing to ship software.
    ( changing date time of directories is available only under NT/W2K ).
 (406 kb)

  • EZ Compare Files: I use this application after I burn CD to compare it against original files. I never store a bad backup CD !
(196 kb)

  • ShutDown-Power Off your computer: schedule this application to turn off your computer !
(34 kb)