EZ Print 7.0 Description Samples and shareware DCUs

Delphi 2007 ... Delphi 10 Seattle

All Windows platforms


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EZ_Print component can help your applications with:

  • completely control printer properties: copies, orientation, paper size, paper bin, duplexing, margins, resolution ... change Document defaults and Save Printer As Default;

  • use custom print dialogs (one provided so you can easily adapt it);

  • Built-in Preview Form: Do I need to say more? Click here and see the Preview feature !

  • bitmaps, lines, rectangles, tables, ellipses, poligons; various methods to print justified text - left, center, right or flush; stretched or squeezed to fit bounding rectangles;

  • coordinates translated depending on what MapMode selected (that is, you can send to the same procedure coordinates in units of 0.1mm, 0.01 mm, 0.01 inches, 0.001 inches, twips or pixels), isn't that easy enough?

  • AND MUCH MORE ... The best thing is you can add very EZ your custom methods for printing anything you need (based on the code provided to registered users).

  • How difficult is to add a Print Preview feature to a program that already has a print feature? How difficult is to convert existing code to EZ_Print? See for yourself here.

Built projects:

Demo application (~ 5MB), 2015.12.27:

The sample app will print several pages showing you most features.

Have fun !

Tested with laserjet and deskjet printers.

If you like to ezPrint, register it to get full source code and then adapt it even more to suit your needs.