DARE 2.0 Database Analyzer and Reporting Engine 2.0: browse, chart and cube your databases. Sample Application
Delphi 2010-Seattle
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DARE: With DARE, you can browse the following types of databases: Interbase, ADO, Paradox, DBISAM, ElevateDB. You can save queries for later runs. You can add drill-down charts and pivot grids. You can create views from selected data. Summarize, group, etc. Print and print-preview everything. All the customizations you made to the views are saved and restored next time you open a table. You can export data and if you're an ElevateDB fan, you can even import data from other databases to an ElevateDB database (more info in the -coming soon- readme file).

If you register (app), you'll get the no-nag executable.

For interested Delphi programmers who want to develop their skills using Developer Express's Quantumgrid and other libraries I made available the sources. If you register (sources) you get the full source code of the application which is written in Delphi and compiles with Delphi XE and probably 2010 - however, this will not include third-party libraries such as DevEx Quantumgrid, etc. Sources will help you better understand DevEx Quantumgrid and will give you a starting point for you own DB tools.

An image of the application is here.

Built projects:

The application: setup (8.6MB) Mar 01, 2012.